The Joy of Soy

Soybean Research including Edamame

This versatile legume can be used for food, feed, fuel and more 

Soybeans made their way from Asia to the United States by way of missionaries and explorers. They were widely used for livestock feed but became more popular in the 1990s as researchers discovered they improved soil health. Soybeans are now used for more than animal feed and can be found in thousands of products. Discover all the amazing things this little legume can do.

Top Soybean States 

The United States produces 32 percent of the world’s soybeans. This crop thrives in Midwestern states, including Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Indiana. Iowa is the top soybean producer, yielding 466.12 million bushels in 2011.

Find out what surprising products you encounter everyday are made out of soybeans

1. Crayons: One acre of soybeans can make 82,368 crayons. These crayons are biodegradable and renewable.

2. Cosmetics: Many companies use soy in their cosmetics to reduce redness and smooth skin tone.

3. Car seats: Ford Motor Co.’s iconic Mustang was built with soy foam seats beginning in 2007. This type of foam can also be used in coolers and footwear.

4. Ink: Many companies are making the switch to soy ink for their offices. This ink is biodegradable and has fewer toxins than traditional ink.