John Allen with his ag students

These Boots are Made for Teaching – Jumpertown FFA, MS

February 11, 2016
John Allen, FFA advisor at Jumpertown High School, carries on his family’s FFA legacy. Allen’s grandfather, Merril T. Cartwright, was National FFA Vice President in 1949 and his father and uncle served as state officers. To demonstrate his FFA pride, Allen sports a pair of FFA boots every day. Everyone who sees him knows that... Read more »... Read more »
selfies at FFA National Convention In Louisville, Kentucky

Selfie Social Graces

February 08, 2016
The term “selfie” has gone from casual, mid-2000s slang to an official entry in Merriam- Webster Dictionary. Whether taking them or liking them, it’s safe to say all FFA members are familiar with selfies, which are officially defined as images taken of oneself by oneself using a digital camera, especially for posting on social networks.... Read more »... Read more »
milking parlor

Agriculture Advocate: Talking Cows and Sows

November 30, 2015
Have you noticed the questions swirling around these days about where our food comes from and how it is produced? It really shouldn’t come as a surprise given 80 percent of Americans live outside of rural areas. Many of these consumers have probably never set foot on a farm, which makes them increasingly hungry for... Read more »... Read more »
Winter 2015-2016 cover

FFA New Horizons Magazine – Winter 2015-16 Teaching Guide and Lesson Plans

November 25, 2015
Download classroom curriculum and lesson plans for the Winter 2015-16 edition of FFA New Horizons magazine. Activities include a crossword puzzle about bees, a fill-in-the-blanks quiz related to an article about U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, and vocabulary words found in the magazine. All FFA New Horizons teaching guides also include appendices, discussion questions, SAE and... Read more »... Read more »
stress management

Stress Busters: Six Ways to Cope with Anxiety

November 09, 2015
Stressed out? You’re not alone. According to a 2014 survey by the American Psychological Association named Stress in America, more than a quarter (27 percent) of teens say they experience “extreme stress” during the school year. Teens blame their high stress levels on things like school grades, time management to balance all their activities, work... Read more »... Read more »
Ag careers

A Good Outlook for Ag Careers

November 09, 2015
If you want to pursue a career that’s in high demand and only growing stronger, agriculture is the answer. In May, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a new employment outlook report that shows there are an estimated 57,900 job openings in the food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and environment fields each year. There... Read more »... Read more »

Gleaning for Good

November 09, 2015
After harvest, vegetable fields are often left with product that may not meet the requirements for the regular market, and organizations are invited in to glean (which means harvest) the remainder. The Branch Area Career Center FFA partnered with local farmers in 2015 to glean 680 pounds of peppers and 1,080 pounds of potatoes, donating... Read more »... Read more »
Jimmy Carter FFA jacket

FFA on Display at the Smithsonian

November 09, 2015
Even the Smithsonian Institute knows the power of an FFA jacket! The American Enterprise exhibit at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., features the FFA jackets of illustrious FFA alumni, including former President Jimmy Carter. The exhibit, which opened in July 2015, highlights the nation’s business evolution and its agricultural roots. Learn... Read more »... Read more »
FFA member and volunteer firefighter, Joseph A. Wesolowski

FFA Ignites Leadership

November 09, 2015
Joseph A. Wesolowski doesn’t just use the strong work ethic and leadership skills learned in FFA for his various SAEs. In addition to his market swine project, Joe spends his time responding to barn fires, house fires, brush fires and medical assistance calls with the Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company. The blue corduroy jacket has given... Read more »... Read more »
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