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The Future of Agriscience is Here

Thanks to the collaboration between the agriculture and science teachers at Alpena High School in Arkansas, local FFA members are producing award-winning agriscience projects and learning the important role science plays in the future of agriculture. And it’s happened quite serendipitously. “I was not particularly an agriscience teacher. I was one of the more traditional... Read more »... Read more »
agriculture facts about the modern U.S. poultry industry

Ag 101: Farm Facts about Broiler Chickens

Poultry is big business in the United States. We are the world’s largest producer of poultry meat, and almost 18 percent of total production is exported to other countries. That other 82 percent of poultry meat, including chicken, turkey and duck, is consumed right here at home. In fact, U.S. per-capita consumption of chicken meat... Read more »... Read more »

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