[QUIZ] Are You Dressed for Success?

Are you dressed for success? Test your knowledge of the FFA dress code with the quiz below!

Source: ffa.org

  • abril valdez


  • abril valdez


  • Johnna Calvert

    O think this is a really cool quiz for every one. I wear the official FFA boots, and this quiz said that they were not acceptable. Can someone explain how they are not I have worn mine to ever FFA event that I have been too, and no one has said anything about my boots before.

    • Erika Reisinger

      @Johnna the dress code is closed toed black dress shoes, most of the time people don’t really say anything. And depending on the advisor, they don’t say anything. My advisor is strict, and we have to follow the code. Some FFA Advents, like showing and judging animals,official dress isn’t required.