Q&A with Your National FFA Officers

National ffa officers

Q: What does this year’s National FFA Convention & Expo theme, Go All Out, mean to you?

Brian: To me, our theme is all about action. We talk a lot about doing, but to me, life isn’t about talking, it’s about putting everything we know and have to the test – to Go All Out!

Mitch: Go All Out is pushing yourself to do more, love more, feel more and serve more than you think is possible. It’s hitting your absolute limit – and then pushing yourself even further, all to serve others.

Wes: Go All Out is about reaching for something greater, better and more. At the end of the day, it comes down to a choice we all make to be ordinary or extraordinary.

Steven: It means living a life of service for a greater cause. It means giving all you’ve got in all you do because of an innate passion that stems from the core of your soul. It means that at the end of your time here on Earth, your heart will be content because you have fulfilled your calling, not through any large act, but through the way you chose to live your everyday life.

Jackson: To me, our theme of Go All Out reminds me of how my ag teacher used to tell us all, “Don’t make excuses – make it happen!” It’s about pushing yourself to figure out solutions to problems, no matter how tough, and taking challenges head-on.

Jason: Our theme of Go All Out means giving everything you have to whatever you may be doing, being 110 percent committed. When I used to wrestle, my coach would tell us, “Leave it all on the mat.” My goal was to be so exhausted after a match, other people would have to carry me off. To me, embodying this theme is how someone can become successful in whatever they want to do.

Q: It’s football season! Tell us your favorite teams.

Brian: Washington Redskins.

Mitch: Tennessee Vols! I’ll be singing Rocky Top until the day I die.

Wes: Football is OK, but let’s talk about the REAL football (aka soccer). It’s the best. Any game or team will keep me entertained!

Steven: Green Bay Packers and Iowa State Cyclones.

Jackson: The Alabama Crimson Tide. That’s it. Period.

Jason: Oklahoma State Cowboys. Go Pokes! And Seattle Seahawks, 12th Man!

National Officers Q&A Strange Cravings

Q: What’s the best (or most unique) birthday gift you ever received?

Brian: Tickets to go sky-diving.

Mitch: A bunch of WWE (Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment) wrestling figurines – John Cena, Ray Mysterio, Batista – and a lot of miniature folding chairs that they used to hit each other

Wes: A watch from my parents.

Steven: Socks and underwear.

Jackson: The gift of life, given to me by my parents on Feb. 21, 1994.

Jason: Most definitely a jet black Huffy bicycle with a peg on the front tire.

Q: This fun question is in honor of Louisville, our convention and expo location for 2014. If you were a racehorse, what would your name be? What color would your jockey wear?

Brian: The jockey would wear maroon and orange while riding Walshing Machine.

Mitch: I’d name my horse Britney Spurs, and the jockey would probably wear something sequined.

Wes: Country Roads for my home state of West Virginia. The jockey would be wearing blue.

Steven: Raging Thunder. The jockey would wear blue.

Jackson: Since Seabiscuit has already been used, I’d probably be Ocean Cornbread. In which case, my jockey would wear a butter-colored jersey.

Jason: The name would be Bullet, and the jockey would wear orange and black (Go Pokes).