Meet Matt Eddy

If you’ve never considered a career in agricultural education, it’s time to check it out. National Teach Ag Day is Sept. 26, and we encourage you to talk with your own agricultural education teacher to learn more about the opportunities in this career field. We’ve also interviewed Matt Eddy, who has taught for 10 years, to tell his story.

Matt Eddy, agricultural education teacher and former FFA member from Iowa

Q: When did you first realize that a career in agricultural education was right for you? 

A: I often say that I arrived at teaching agriculture by chance, but have stayed by choice. I didn’t plan on teaching this long, but time sure flies and I think I realized this was for me after my first year. Learning new things is one of my passions, so teaching allows me the opportunity to be a lifelong learner and awaken a passion for learning in others.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job? 

A: Seeing the progression of students from freshmen to seniors is very rewarding. Knowing that I played a role in that development is exciting and makes for a very fulfilling career. I really enjoy the special responsibilities we have during the summer and the involvement that we can have in agriculture at all levels.

Q: How do you continue to stay passionate about your career as an agricultural educator? 

A: Working with talented colleagues through NAAE (National Association for Agricultural Educators) events, the TeachAg Campaign and CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education) programming keeps me excited and rejuvenated for teaching ag.

Q: What advice do you have for ag education students? 

A: Study as many subjects in agriculture as possible, don’t stop seeking out new information or teaching techniques, and participate in professional organizations. These have helped allow me the opportunities to “sharpen the saw” and propel me to becoming a better teacher.