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summertime success

Summertime Success

For most students, summer break conjures daydreams of poolside lounging, beach vacations, long, lazy days, and – most exciting – kicking the textbooks to the curb. Before you stow your backpack for good, consider this: while it is important to take a break during the summer, it’s also an opportune time to get a head... Read more »... Read more »
Jumping boy during volleyball game on the court at sunny summer day outside

You’ve Got Skills!

Summer is a perfect time to work on your leadership skills. Without the distractions of schoolwork, FFA chapter meetings and CDEs, sports events, etc., you can focus on some personal reflection and development. And if you’re an FFA chapter officer or a leader within your school, building strong leadership skills now will make you even... Read more »... Read more »
Brandon Baumgarten

Caught Up & Called Out: Where Are You Going to Go?

Editor’s note: FFA alumnus Brandon Baumgarten has quite an impressive résumé – past FFA state president, Oklahoma State University student, and now, professional leadership speaker and book author. We asked Brandon to share his thoughts about leadership with us – and the meaning behind his book title, Caught Up & Called Out. While walking into... Read more »... Read more »
stress management

Stress Busters: Six Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Stressed out? You’re not alone. According to a 2014 survey by the American Psychological Association named Stress in America, more than a quarter (27 percent) of teens say they experience “extreme stress” during the school year. Teens blame their high stress levels on things like school grades, time management to balance all their activities, work... Read more »... Read more »
animal instinct

Animal Instinct

Personal Growth Five lessons we can learn from the animal kingdom Many of you have probably spent the last several months working very hard and diligently with your county fair animals to get them to obey commands and walk when you tug – basically being the teacher, not the student. Most of us have had... Read more »... Read more »
public speaking

Take Your Oral Reasons From Good to Great

It’s time for the dreaded part of the competition. Your palms are sweaty. Your knees are knocking. Every step you take to the center of the room is shaky. It’s time to deliver your oral reasons. FFA judging career development events are time-honored, classic CDEs within FFA – including livestock evaluation, dairy cattle evaluation and... Read more »... Read more »
name tag

Well, Hello There!

Growing up, many of us were told the phrase, “Never talk to strangers.” This has always been good advice to take to heart, at least until joining the local FFA chapter in school. As FFA members, we commonly meet new people. We network with other FFA members in our area. We visit local businesses to... Read more »... Read more »
Good Habits

Be Your Best Self

Think of something that took you a long time to learn, like developing good study habits or driving. At first, these things may have been very challenging and it took a significant amount of mental energy and focus while doing it. But after a while, as you grew more comfortable with the task and after... Read more »... Read more »
Staying Motivated

About Time

You know the feeling. You miss one pesky deadline, and you are in crisis mode! Next thing you know, you are downing energy drinks and burning the midnight oil to keep up with school assignments, job responsibilities and spending time with friends. Have you ever just wished there could be a few more hours in... Read more »... Read more »
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