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stress management

Stress Busters: Six Ways to Cope with Anxiety

November 09, 2015
Stressed out? You’re not alone. According to a 2014 survey by the American Psychological Association named Stress in America, more than a quarter (27 percent) of teens say they experience “extreme stress” during the school year. Teens blame their high stress levels on things like school grades, time management to balance all their activities, work... Read more »... Read more »
Ag careers

A Good Outlook for Ag Careers

November 09, 2015
If you want to pursue a career that’s in high demand and only growing stronger, agriculture is the answer. In May, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a new employment outlook report that shows there are an estimated 57,900 job openings in the food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and environment fields each year. There... Read more »... Read more »

Gleaning for Good

November 09, 2015
After harvest, vegetable fields are often left with product that may not meet the requirements for the regular market, and organizations are invited in to glean (which means harvest) the remainder. The Branch Area Career Center FFA partnered with local farmers in 2015 to glean 680 pounds of peppers and 1,080 pounds of potatoes, donating... Read more »... Read more »
FFA member and volunteer firefighter, Joseph A. Wesolowski

FFA Ignites Leadership

November 09, 2015
Joseph A. Wesolowski doesn’t just use the strong work ethic and leadership skills learned in FFA for his various SAEs. In addition to his market swine project, Joe spends his time responding to barn fires, house fires, brush fires and medical assistance calls with the Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company. The blue corduroy jacket has given... Read more »... Read more »
Shenandoah SNUG Prom

A Night to Remember

November 09, 2015
For most people, going to prom is the culmination of their teenage years, with the flashing cameras, elegant outfits, and hours of dancing and revelry. But for some, attending prom isn’t always in the cards. Indiana’s Shenandoah FFA Chapter, the 2014 National FFA Model of Innovation winner for community service, has been hosting seasonal parties... Read more »... Read more »
Chevron Delo logo

Students Restore Tractors to Win Big in the Chevron Delo Tractor Restoration Competition

September 10, 2015
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Chevron Delo Tractor Restoration Competition, where participants not only restore tractors, but also themselves. Each year, Chevron hosts the competition for students across the United States interested in agricultural mechanics and restoration. “The goal is to support FFA, ag mechanics, 4-H or any high school student who... Read more »... Read more »

Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination

July 21, 2015
Have you ever seen one of those “Salt Life” decals on someone’s car and thought, “I need one that says ‘FFA Life’?” After all, FFA has provided you with a place to belong, things to do and experiences you will never forget. But do you sometimes feel like you could be getting more out of... Read more »... Read more »

Coveted Coats

July 21, 2015
Much like the hallowed blue corduroy FFA jacket, the white lab coat of the Oakleaf FFA Plant Biotechnology Academy in Florida is a symbol of excellence. “The academy is a group of students whose schedules align to incorporate biotechnology concepts into their core curriculum classrooms along with their biotechnology course,” says FFA Chapter President William... Read more »... Read more »
South Carolina Strawberry Festival

Pig Race for a Cure

July 21, 2015
When the Nation Ford FFA Chapter from South Carolina saw a chance to help a member of their community and raise money for a good cause, they jumped at the opportunity. “The South Carolina Strawberry Festival was established in 2010 as a community event for the town of Fort Mill,” says FFA chapter advisor Lee... Read more »... Read more »
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