Career Planning

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Creature Careers

Growing up, many children dream of becoming a fireman, ballerina or president of the United States. Other children know they want to dedicate their life to animals. While a veterinarian is the first animal-related career that comes to mind, there are plenty of other options available, according to Michele C. Hollow, a well-known animal lover... Read more »... Read more »
laboratory at BioPet Vet Lab in Knoxville, TN.

Animal Research Careers

Animal Behaviorist: Animal behaviorists research animal habits and behaviors. They identify which factors influence animal behavior such as weather, hunger, illness or hormones. They also study how animals interact with people, or anthrozoology. Animal Nutritionist: Studying the nutritional needs of animals increases health and productivity. An animal nutritionist studies and identifies proper diets based on... Read more »... Read more »
Writing a Resume

Six Tips for Creating a Resume

Whether you’re applying at your dream college or just looking for a part-time job, a well-polished résumé is more influential than you may think. Your résumé may be just one piece of paper, but it’s a marketing tool selling a very important product – you. Résumés are often an employer’s – or college admissions officer’s... Read more »... Read more »
FFA National Convention 2012

Click for Ag Careers

According to a recent Ypulse survey, a high percentage of young people resolved to plan more for their futures in 2014. Does this describe you? If so, the Agricultural Career Network (AgCN) can help. Within the AgCN, a nationwide system developed by the National FFA Organization, you can document your FFA and academic achievements, explore... Read more »... Read more »
Monmouth County Career Center

Students Develop Green Thumbs at Monmouth County Career Center

High school students in New Jersey are getting a jump-start on agriculture-related careers at the Monmouth County Career Center (MCCC) in Freehold. The center’s award-winning horticulture, floral and landscaping programs give students hands-on experience in areas such as floral design, greenhouse operations, landscape and turf management. Their training often leads to employment after high school.... Read more »... Read more »
Money Matters

Money Lessons for Life After High School

As your graduation day looms on the horizon, two big questions are probably on your mind: What kind of career do I want, and which path is right for me? But don’t forget another important question: How am I going to pay for it? No doubt about it, attending college or a technical school is... Read more »... Read more »
Life After High School

Doors to Opportunity After High School

The end is in sight. High school was filled with experiences you’ll remember forever, from donning your FFA jacket to meeting lifelong friends, but now it’s time to put on your cap and gown. As your graduation date draws near, the daunting thought of life after high school occurs frequently. The real world offers many... Read more »... Read more »
Giving Back at Work

Giving Back at Work

Do you have a heart for serving others? You’ll be glad to know service opportunities don’t end after your FFA years are through. Many companies and organizations incorporate service as a core value for their business, so you’ll likely come across ways to serve in your future career. Headquartered in Erlanger, Ky., Toyota Motor Engineering... Read more »... Read more »

It’s All About You With the Ag Career Network

Jumpstart your career through the Ag Career Network (AgCN). AgCN is a new, nationwide system designed to help you achieve the FFA mission of premier leadership, personal growth and career success. AgCN allows you to manage your member information, record your achievements, and build an online portfolio and resume. You can apply for scholarships and... Read more »... Read more »

Working Toward Success Through Internships

If you’ve ever applied for a job, you’re probably aware you need to keep your grade-point average in check, know how to write a great cover letter, and put your best foot forward in an interview. But did you know your chances of landing your dream job will multiply exponentially if you get hands-on experience... Read more »... Read more »
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