Farm Facts About Chicken and Eggs

Chicken and Egg Farm Facts

Chickens are multi-talented, providing us with meat and eggs. The United States alone consumes 8 billion chickens a year, and approximately 250 eggs per capita. Crack open some more facts about chickens and eggs:

  • There are approximately 280 million laying hens producing 50 billion eggs in the U.S. each year.
  • Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and North Carolina are the leading producers of meat birds. Iowa, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania are the leading egg producing states.
  • Chickens are actually omnivores. Their diet consists of grain, seeds and insects, but have also been known to snack on small mice or lizards.
  • To demonstrate his masculinity, roosters will perform a dance called “tidbitting.” He will drop and pick up food while making food calls.
  • While chickens can’t fly long distances, they can remain airborne for long enough to clear a fence or “fly the coop.”
  • A hen must turn her egg approximately 50 times a day to keep it from sticking to the side of the shell.
  • Producing a dozen egg requires a hen to consume four pounds of feed.
  • Eggs are a good source of lutein, which promotes eye health.
  • The yolk and white of the egg is made up of 74 percent water, 11 percent fat and 12 percent protein.
  • Scientists think the chicken might be the Tyrannosaurus rex’s closest living relative.



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