Easton Corbin Gives Back to FFA

Easton Corbin performs at the 86th Annual FFA Convention and Expo

Maybe it’s not what he was referring to in his hit single “All Over the Road,” but Easton Corbin spent much of 2013 traveling the roads of rural America to meet with FFA chapters and members around the country.

Through his partnership with the Ram Truck brand, Easton is celebrating Ram’s Year of the Farmer by holding private events featuring his songs. These events provide an opportunity for members to interact and discuss agriculture and FFA with him and each other, communicating the notion that there is a “Farmer in All of Us.”

Ram kicked off the Year of the Farmer in February 2013 with the debut of their Super Bowl commercial, “Farmer,” which has garnered more than 22 million views on YouTube. For every 1 million views, Ram pledged to donate $100,000 to the National FFA Organization, for a maximum donation of $1 million; viewers overwhelmingly supported the two-minute video, reaching 10 million views within days.

Easton Corbin performs at the 86th Annual FFA Convention and Expo

As a result, a $1 million check was presented to the National FFA Foundation, on behalf of Ram Trucks, by Easton and Ram Truck Brand President and CEO Reid Bigland during the first session of the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo, held in Louisville, Ky.

As the “Farmer” video suggests, many budding farmers – including FFA members – were inspired by their grandfathers and fathers. A former member of the Trenton FFA Chapter in Florida, Easton was no different. His grandparents lived on a beef cattle farm, so showing cattle as his supervised agricultural experience program was a natural fit.

“I remember when I was in sixth grade and [my grandfather] asked me if I wanted to show cattle and I was like, ‘Well, yeah!’” Easton says. “So, my grandpa was a big influence on me. He’s always been such a hardworking guy. I’ve always looked up to him. You know, he really taught me a lot.”

Easton Corbin performs at the 86th Annual FFA Convention and Expo

Easton speaks highly of the skills and values he learned through FFA and his grandfather. Most important, he says, are his work ethic and people skills – both of which helped him as a successful agricultural business student at the University of Florida.

“I always knew I would move to Nashville, but it was really important to my family and to myself that I got a good education,” Easton explains. “So I focused on getting my degree first, then I moved to Nashville right after graduation.”

It’s his focus and strong beliefs in agriculture and FFA that have made Easton a good partner with Ram.

Easton Corbin performs at the 86th Annual FFA Convention and Expo

“Ram has been a supporter of the FFA organization for well over 50 years,” says Marissa Hunter, the head of advertising or the Ram Truck brand and Chrysler Group global advertising director. “The FFA organization’s values are very much in line with Ram’s. We respect what FFA stands for, and the good that students contribute. We are very proud to be affiliated with the organization.”

Ram sees Easton’s music as a way to bring together local FFA chapters to celebrate and acknowledge the Year of the Farmer, Hunter continues. “He is a great spokesman, especially as a past FFA member. His deeper appreciation and fit are perfect.”

“For me, it’s a way of giving back to an organization that’s given me so much,” Easton says. “It’s been great with the kids; they just love it, and of course I have a great time. It’s all organic; it’s not scripted. It’s just all natural. We get out there with them … and have a good time.”

– Becca Harrison

See Easton’s performance at the convention below: