Environmental Service Systems

Careers related to protecting the environment

Riley Branch meets with Stonewall County, Texas County Judge Ronnie Moorhead

Ag Law Helps Keep the Farm

As a teenager, Riley Branch watched his family grapple with how they could afford to inherit the family ranch with the possibility of an expensive estate tax. Now, the Aspermont native is returning to his hometown to practice law, helping other families pass on the farm while continuing his family’s farming tradition. Every Texas farm... Read more »... Read more »
Range Judging

FFA Members are Home on the Range

You’ve heard the terms “farmland” and “forestland,” but did you know 70 percent of the land on earth falls into another category altogether? It’s called “rangeland,” and most people don’t realize rangeland makes up most of the earth’s terrain. It isn’t suitable for growing crops, and it differs from forestland in that there are no... Read more »... Read more »

Botany Careers Continue to Grow in Demand

Roses are red, Violets are blue, If you like working with plants, Maybe botany is for you! While botany may sound like one of those science courses in high school or college you avoided signing up for, the field is actually one of the fastest-growing areas in agriculture. Although many people associate the field of... Read more »... Read more »

Career Overview: Environmental Service Systems Jobs

Interested in making the world a cleaner place? A career in Environmental Services may be the pathway for you. Those who work in this area may be involved with recycling, water and air pollution control, waste disposal and public health issues. An environmental technician or engineer may focus on hazardous-waste management by evaluating and analyzing... Read more »... Read more »

Ross Rojik of Pennsylvania Owns Wildlife-Mounting Business

Ross Rojik of Petersburg, Pennsylvania, always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but he had no idea that dream would materialize from an unusual Christmas gift his parents gave him when he was 15. “I always loved hunting and fishing, and I loved seeing different animals mounted,” says 21-year-old Ross, who graduated from Juniata... Read more »... Read more »
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