Animal Research Careers

laboratory at BioPet Vet Lab in Knoxville, TN.

Animal Behaviorist: Animal behaviorists research animal habits and behaviors. They identify which factors influence animal behavior such as weather, hunger, illness or hormones. They also study how animals interact with people, or anthrozoology.

Animal Nutritionist: Studying the nutritional needs of animals increases health and productivity. An animal nutritionist studies and identifies proper diets based on the particular animal. They often work for a feed company, research institution, government or agricultural agency.

Animal Biotechnology: Animal biotechnology includes engineering living organisms to produce specific products and improve animals. Animal biotechnology can be used to introduce genes to animals (transgenic animals) and cloning.

Fisheries Biologist: This position is extremely hands-on and spends time in the field and lab. Fisheries biologists study fish populations, migration patterns, breeding, habitats and ecology. They also seek to improve the production and quality of fisheries while maintaining the health of the ecosystem.

Meat Scientist: Meat scientists research the efficiency, safety and quality of meat, poultry and fish. They develop new products, analyze nutritional content, and develop methods of processing, packaging and preserving meat.