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Thomas Glascock at his family's cattle ranch

Running the Ranch

May 13, 2014
Thomas Glascock has always had a natural way with animals. He found his calling at 4 years old as he proudly stood next to his older sister and showed his first calf. By the age of 6 he had joined the American Junior Red Angus Association and the Texas Junior Red Angus Association and officially showed his... Read more »... Read more »
Ag 101 Quiz

[QUIZ] Ag 101

May 06, 2014
Think you’re an agriculture whiz? Test your knowledge of basic ag facts on some of the country’s most valuable crops and industries.... Read more »
Missouri Pork from Farrow to Finish

Ag 101 – Hog Wild

April 30, 2014
The United States is the second-largest pork producer in the world behind China. In 2011, there were 67,000 pork operations in the U.S., producing 21 billion pounds of pork from 110 million hogs. Known as “the other white meat,” pork has had a mixed reputation despite the fact that cuts of pork, such as pork... Read more »... Read more »
laboratory at BioPet Vet Lab in Knoxville, TN.

Animal Research Careers

April 30, 2014
Animal Behaviorist: Animal behaviorists research animal habits and behaviors. They identify which factors influence animal behavior such as weather, hunger, illness or hormones. They also study how animals interact with people, or anthrozoology. Animal Nutritionist: Studying the nutritional needs of animals increases health and productivity. An animal nutritionist studies and identifies proper diets based on... Read more »... Read more »
FFA Faces Courtney Brumbach Oley, PA

FFA Faces – Courtney Brumbach

April 30, 2014
Courtney has participated in the horse judging, dairy foods, veterinary science and poultry career development events (CDEs). She is an avid hunter/jumper equestrian and competes in shows year-round.... Read more »
Scrapbook Heather Johnson and great horned owl

Lebanon Regional FFA Chapter Member Lives the Wild Life

April 30, 2014
Not many people can say they have held a great horned owl, let alone fed one. Heather Johnson of the Lebanon Regional FFA Chapter in Connecticut did just that during her internship with WildCare, a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center. Heather enriched habitats, administered medications and prepared food for loons, red-tailed hawks, northern gannets, peregrine falcons... Read more »... Read more »
Klein FFA member, Katie Zirkle

Klein FFA Member has Bunny Love

April 30, 2014
Katie Zirkle loves animals. She thrives in her animal science classes at Klein High School in Texas, and she raises and shows rabbits. Showing animals hasn’t come easy for Katie, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when she was 7 and struggles with social situations and large crowds. But Katie hasn’t let it stand in... Read more »... Read more »
Cash for Cattle, Lone Tree FFA

Lone Tree FFA Raises Cash for Cattle

April 23, 2014
Members of the Lone Tree FFA chapter in Iowa were deeply worried by the plight of South Dakota ranchers whose cattle populations were ravaged by the Atlas snowstorm in winter 2013. They concocted a plan to sell T-shirts to raise money for farmers affected by the storm. The chapter has sold 700 T-shirts in 13... Read more »... Read more »
FFA Faces Allison Smith North Clackamas, OR

FFA Faces – Allison Smith

April 23, 2014
Allison is currently her chapter’s vice-president, and in 2013, her steer was named Reserve Grand Champion at the county fair. Allison enjoys shooting archery and went on her first elk hunt this year.... Read more »
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