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updating the image of today's farmer

Updating the Farmer Image: What Does a Farmer Look Like to You?

Hard work, honesty, respect, appreciation, tradition, nurture and care. These are all words that come to consumers’ minds when asked their opinions of farmers. They like them, and trust farmers over doctors, teachers and police to make decisions for the public’s best interest. But that’s where the consumer’s confidence in their knowledge about the farming... Read more »... Read more »
Because of changing worldwide food needs, developments in technology and crop production, and changes in federal administration, the Farm Bill is under constant review, and many groups offer input on what should be included.

FFA Plays an Integral Role in the 2012 Farm Bill

What do corn subsidies, school lunches and water conservation all have in common? They are all part of the Farm Bill. Since 1973, Congress has passed a bill about every five years commonly known as the “Farm Bill,” because it deals with food production, food safety, agricultural trade, food assistance and environmental concerns. Because of... Read more »... Read more »
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